Roller in 3 sizes 1.5t / 3.0t / 9.0t and 5 colors of 1.0 CnC

The roller is available in 3 sizes: 1.5t / 3.0t / 9.0t (small / medium / big) and 5 colors each: blue, yellow, green, orange and red.

The roller can be used to compact the silo or the soil if, after working in the field, you suddenly realize: that was once too much, or the cultivator was too good, or even the sowing machine. This is no longer a problem. Simply compact the field a little with a roller and the density values ​​of the field fit again for optimal plant growth. The roller does not destroy any fruit! But be careful, she always rolls. You shouldn’t take abbreviations across the fields.

The roller was an easy learning object for me to discover and learn some more functions of CnC. So it was kept simple from the start. Sometimes she does not want to be coupled (the trigger symbol remains red), this is due to the low-lying hitch and CnC refuses. My current solutions: a) drive backwards and then slowly away from it, then the trigger symbol usually turns white. b) drive backwards until the collision, then sometimes it works. Or c) Recovery via CnC Menu, then the roller is repositioned.

The installation of a foot was not planned so far, I might think about it.

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What is Cattle and Crops mods

There’re so many opportunities in this world. However, not many are able to see them so we’re ready to show you some. Everyone of you’ve heard off mods but it’s important to know what’re exact advantages after you install them. Cattle and Crops mods can provide everything you want. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a new tractor, combine or maybe you want to change maps, texture or the game itself. Everything is being done just by installing CnC mods. You can find so many different mods with different possibilities inside them so take a closer look and take the ones you find necessary most. This can be nominated as the greatest opportunity of your lives because all the Cattle and Crops mods are absolutely free. Such a wide variety doesn’t cost a single cent and such huge possibilities are hidden in each mod. This is a chance you cannot miss.

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