Corn Chopping Release v0.0.9.4 By Cattle and Crops

Today we have the Mais-Häcksel-Update for you, due to the current season. There is now a new quest and other machines (Claas Jaguar 960, Claas Axion 940, Hawe SLW 50T).

To the Fillplanes in the trailer, we can say that we could already implement “move that mountain” in half. The system is based on Voxel technology, which enables dynamic filling and heap formation. However, there is still a lot to be done in order to make the loading and unloading process even more realistic and to improve the performance.

The silo for storage is behind the farm. At the moment we have installed a simple heap variant, a mountain that grows from the soil depending on the level. The Voxel technology will also be used later.

The basic principles of the AI ​​had to be partially reworked, which took some time. The areas such as pretreatment, maneuvering, chopping and transport belong to it. For the beginning it is possible to control the chopper and the AI ​​takes over the transport in the quest.

The new Shadow and FOV (Field of View) options provide better performance and more customization to customize CnC to your system.

We have also revised the system for buckling plants. This is noticeable both in fruit breakage and in the interaction between chopper and plant.

Further changes (for example in the modding area), fixed bugs and changes can be seen in the changelog.

The next update will introduce animals and feeding in Cattle and Crops. We will then make further bug fixes and improvements to start the official early access phase. CnC will also be available on Steam. Further steps will be the optimization of workflows, new machines and fruit varieties.

We wish you lots of fun with the test and look forward to your feedback!


  • NEW: Tractor Claas Axion 940
  • NEW: trailer Hawe SLW 50T
  • NEW: Field chopper Claas Jaguar 960 + corn bite Orbis 900
  • NEW: Silage heap behind the farm
  • NEW: Mod support has been revised: Mods are now stored under Documents / My Games / Cattle and Crops / Mods and can now be changed in the editor
  • NEW: Engine dynamic Fillobjects: The Voxel technology provides a dynamic filling and a realistic formation of heaps
  • NEW: Sidebar buttons in the Jaguar: special Useractions for requesting / sending the descender
  • NEW: Slider “Steering sensitivity” in the control settings can be set with the how fast the steering is to reach the normal state again
  • NEW: Graphics option “Shadow quality”: Shadow values ​​can now also be gradually adjusted (Off, Low, Medium, High, Ultra)
  • NEW: Gameplay option Field of View “FOV”: adjustability of the camera angle for ego perspective, cockpit view and outside of the machines
  • NEW: Plants are kinking realistically in case of collision with machines and are bent realistically during cutting operation
  • NEW: When launching a mission, the “Prepare Mission” popup is displayed before the actual mission is loaded
  • NEW: Harvester and trailer coordinate for optimum filling. The pipe of the chopper depends on the position of the descender and discharges in the corresponding direction
  • NEW: Harvest can be unloaded in the new silo behind the farm
  • NEW: Sliders for UserActions can be disabled in the editor settings
  • NEW: Scripteditor method for rotating widgets with nine possible pivots
  • NEW: TankLoad & TankUnload-Controller regulate the filling and emptying of a tank. KI reacts when the tank is full and goes off
  • BUG FIX: The time display in board computers is now displayed correctly formatted
  • BUG FIX: Improved vehicle space on machines with small collision shapes (e.g., Hammer CornKing)
  • BUG FIX: Light states are now transferred immediately to the implement when it is attached
  • BUG FIX: No more crash when launching a new map while the mission is running
  • BUG FIX: The sky no longer flickers at night
  • CHANGE: Growth logic has been adjusted so that the growth level is calculated for each plant type and not for the whole field
  • CHANGE: Steer axle and forcible steering for attachments are now speed-dependent. On some units, the steering is now deactivated when the vehicle is reversing at a speed of 20 km / h
  • CHANGE: Mission condition “fruit”: When the growth phase is defined, the progress is only indicated for it and not for the plant type
  • CHANGE: Steering wheels now have a normalized steering value (-1.0 to +1.0)
  • CHANGE: Spotlights have been reworked and have got more realistic textures and colors

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