Combines currently being developed for Cattle and Crops!

Again you were spot on: It took you only a few minutes to guess the model. It’s the CLAAS Tucano 570 combine currently being developed for Cattle and Crops.
Meanwhile the rest of our team is polishing and optimizing the content that will be included in the early access in march.
We’ve also successfully integrated support for all kinds of analog input devices like steering wheels, gamepads and joysticks.

Und wieder hattet ihr Recht: Schon nach wenigen Minuten habt ihr es erraten: es handelt sich um einen Claas Tucano 570 der gerade für Cattle and Crops entwickelt wird.
Der Rest unseres Teams ist gerade mit dem Polishing und der Optimierung der Early Access Inhalte beschäftigt.
Außerdem haben wir die Unterstützung aller Arten von analogen Eingabegeräten wie Lenkrädern, Gamepads und Joysticks erfolgreich abgeschlossen.

CnC combines
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What is Cattle and Crops mods

There’re so many opportunities in this world. However, not many are able to see them so we’re ready to show you some. Everyone of you’ve heard off mods but it’s important to know what’re exact advantages after you install them. Cattle and Crops mods can provide everything you want. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a new tractor, combine or maybe you want to change maps, texture or the game itself. Everything is being done just by installing CnC mods. You can find so many different mods with different possibilities inside them so take a closer look and take the ones you find necessary most. This can be nominated as the greatest opportunity of your lives because all the Cattle and Crops mods are absolutely free. Such a wide variety doesn’t cost a single cent and such huge possibilities are hidden in each mod. This is a chance you cannot miss.

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