About Cattle and crops game

Who they you?
We’re an independent game development team with a background in agriculture.
Our group consists of experienced engine developers and game designers, and professional 3D and environment artists.

Why are you developing this game?
Our mission is to translate our agricultural experiences into the ultimate farming game — a detailed simulator, as close as possible to reality. Our goal is to have the game scalable, for both casual players and farming enthusiasts.

What technologies are you using?
Our engine is based off the C4 engine by Terathon. We have heavily improved it to match our requirements, such as dynamic terrain, vegetation and weather systems. The engine provides great modding support and is easy to use for players and modders.

Is the game footage just artwork?
All the photo and video material (except for concept art) is actual ingame footage.

How is Cattle and Crops played?
It is our philosophy that the players should be completely free in their style of play. Be it highly realistic or arcade, be it driving the vehicles yourself or managing your staff: You have the choice!

How can I support the CnC team?
Short answer: share!
Tell your friends, share on social networks, tell Let’s Players, tell the gaming media, tell your grandma, tell your dog.
Sign up for our newsletter, like us on Facebook, retweet our Tweets.

Will the game support steering wheels?
Sure thing.

Is Schrödinger’s cat still alive?
Maybe. Not sure. We’d have to take a look.
But we can tell you that our farm cat is happy and alive.

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What is Cattle and Crops mods

There’re so many opportunities in this world. However, not many are able to see them so we’re ready to show you some. Everyone of you’ve heard off mods but it’s important to know what’re exact advantages after you install them. Cattle and Crops mods can provide everything you want. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a new tractor, combine or maybe you want to change maps, texture or the game itself. Everything is being done just by installing CnC mods. You can find so many different mods with different possibilities inside them so take a closer look and take the ones you find necessary most. This can be nominated as the greatest opportunity of your lives because all the Cattle and Crops mods are absolutely free. Such a wide variety doesn’t cost a single cent and such huge possibilities are hidden in each mod. This is a chance you cannot miss.

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